HESTEN 2014 (interieur by Louise Midtgaard) Foto: Hanne Nielsen

HESTEN - an interactive urban installation


HESTEN (HORSE) is open:
Friday 15.30-17.30
Saturday 10.00-17.00
Sunday 10.00-15.00

Open for all ages

Experience the festivals imaginative trademark - the urban installation HESTEN (HORSE).

The theme for the staying installation created in 2017 is the anatomy of the horse.

Two steps up and through the narrow door, and now you are here. Inside the horse. There is not much to say, it looks similar to the insides of every horse. Muscles and bones. In the veins there is a thick red fluid, and it is all woven together in a tight web of tendons. But there is also something else here. That is the secret of the horse.

Luise Midtgaard is a scenographer and installation artist, and she creates touchable spaces and installations for theatre, dance and museums. This year's installation is crated in collaboration with Billedskolen Horsens and youngsters in and around Horsens.

HESTEN is originally created by Claus Helbo, Poul Jepsen and Jesper Folke Olsen.
Insero Horsens, Nordea-fonden and Mærk Byen have supported the creation of the installation in 2014.

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