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Danish performances

Each year, Horsens Theatre Festival presents more than 30 Danish performances of a very high quality for children and youth - and in addition a few hand picked performances from abroad.

The full programme is announced in June.

Theatre Company Performance Age
TeaterBLIK Rain 0-6 years
Teatret KrisKat DADA 1½-4 years
Teater Minsk Sky 1½-5 years
Teatret st. tv & Fairplay Ladybug Foreverhappy ** 2-5 years
Faster Cool & Dansk Rakkerpak Rainbow Beetle 2-6 years
Teatergrad Stories of the world 2½-5 years
Meridiano Teatret Wild 3-10 years
Teater Vestvolden Chapper in space 4-8 years
Teater Nordkraft The word on the table 4-8 years
Nørregaards Teater  1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 ** from 5 years 
Teater Patrasket  Fly  5-10 years 
Dansk Rakkerpak & Fair Play Sherlock Holmes and The Danish... from 6 years
Randers EgnsTeater Palle alone in the world from 6 years
Teatret Gruppe 38 A Sonatina from 6 years
Passepartout Theatre Production  To BE  6-12 years 
ZeBU Classy! 7-10 years
Odsherred Teater Are you Chicken? from 7 years
Teater Morgana & Teater Nordkraft Otto 7-11 years
Frøken Fracasos Kompagni There is no such thing as a tame tiger 7-11 years
Apollo Teater Just About 7-13 years
Limfjordsteatret My Grandpa 8-13 years
Det Olske Orkester & Teatret Værk The fox is around * from 7 years
Teatret Møllen og AbstraXteater Three old men who didn't ... ** from 8 years
Det Kommende Teater & Thy Teater Express * from 8 years
Levende Fortællinger The Bear King from 8 years
Vild Kammerat How to get rid of your stepmother from 10 years 
ZeBU Zilan B. My story from 12 years
HiLS DiN MOR & Teater Vestvolden Show me love from 12 years
Teateriet Apropos & Filuren Welcome to the internet from 13 years
Teater Play Every brilliant thing  from 14 years
Opgang2 Turnéteater Habibi from 14 years
Teatret Fair Play The Soldier from 14 years
WunderVerk Views from my grandmother's kitchen from 15 years
Teater Fluks CTRL+ALT+DEMENS from 12 years
VolDaan (NL) DIEP for everyone
Caers/Thuwis (BE) & Horsens BEVÆGELSE * for everyone

* Premiere
** Festivalpremiere

In addition to the Danish performances, the festival presents a few international performances.
The program is curated together with the Curatorio Group.

Indholdsansvarlig Ditte Felding,  

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